Online warranty management

Provide a single solution for declarations and warranty requests.

Electronic warranty cards

For each sale or product installation, the system allows the customer to fill in a warranty form (type, serial number, owner's name, date of purchase, configurations, etc.). This information remains linked to the product and will be used when making a warranty claim.

Simplified warranty claims

All warranty claims for products under warranty go through Spelog which informs your After-Sale service concerning the type of intervention (Description, list of parts to be changed, labour time, etc.). The After-Sale service receives the claim and may validate, modify or reject the claim. A Workflow allows the status of the warranty to be monitored by both the customer and the After-Sale service.

The advantages

  • Description of the intervention (List of parts, labour, photos, etc.) 
  • Selection of configurable fault codes
  • Statistics concerning the types of faults declared