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Entrust your online After-Sales project to a team specialised in industrial communication

Adapting the organisation of an After-Sale service to benefit from multi-media publication (Internet, CD/DVD and paper) requires multiple skills:

  • Organisation of the After-Sales evolution project
  • Study of specific features (Ranges, customers, rates, warranties, obsolescence, etc.)    
  • Interfaces with ERP (Dynamics, Movex, Divalto, Sylver, SAP, etc.)    
  • Additional specific developments    
  • Hosting, connection and security    
  • Preparation of content (Reworking or creation of sets, exploded views)    
  • Migrations (Catalogues, exploded views with clickable markers, nomenclatures, etc.)

Axess can support you at each stage of your project with a full team including:

  • Project leader / coordinator    
  • Designers / web developers    
  • Engineers / database experts    
  • Editors / technical illustrators

Beyond your Spelog project, our teams can offer additional services including advice, document audits, technical illustration, creation of instructions and manuals or the development of web-based applications. Discover the services on the Axess-technology website