Data migration

Get ahead by entrusting the integration of your data to our specialised team.

The Spelog solution integrates import modules in batches to make putting large volumes of information online easier. However, sometimes you may find it helpful to entrust the migration of your data to our specialists to speed up launching your After-Sale website.

File structuring and conversion

Do you have databases, Excel files, CAD files or vectorial and bitmap exploded views? Our team will study and develop conversion programs to save you precious time.

Importing very large volumes

Our specialists are perfectly organised to manage the integration of very large volumes of exploded views, parts, nomenclatures and associated documents.

Our services

  • Assistance with the organisation of your data
  • Collecting and structuring information
  • File format conversion
  • Importing batches of views, spare parts, rates, customers, reference histories, documents, media, etc..