Your After-Sale service on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Speed up your sale of parts via Internet, reduce your updating costs and build your customers' loyalty

Spelog is a configurable web-based solution allowing you to structure all types of documents in a single database. It offers all the useful functions your After-Sale service needs:

  • Creation and publication of parts catalogues on the internet
  • Publication of exploded views on the internet
  • Orders of spare parts online 
  • Management of After-Sale and ERP trade rules
  • Management of orders under warranty 
  • Library of information associated with the products
  • Automatic generation of paper or PDF catalogues
  • Embedded stand-alone system for mobile operators

Spelog means autonomy for your customers and significant savings for your After-Sale service:

  • Up to 50% on the time to update the spare parts catalogues
  • Up to 60% on technical support or sales time
  • Up to 100% on the cost of printing passed on to the user
  • Up to 100% on the cost of order processing

Optional interfacing with your ERP system increases these savings: Information concerning availability in real time, direct validation and quicker order processing.